General Restrictions for Auto-Oriented uses

  1. The only off-street parking allowed between the primary building frontage and the primary street is for temporary parking (for drop-offs, etc.) and/or handicapped spaces.
  2. When a setback deeper than fifteen (15) feet is proposed, in addition to requiring street trees planted along a sidewalk, an additional a street yard, buffer plantings or other landscape treatments (as outlined in the City Landscape Ordinance, see Section 39-593(3) and Section 38-595(5) for details and standards) is required.
  3. Small scaled, stand alone drive-throughs or “drive-ups” are not allowed.
  4. Canopies should be designed as secondary (in size, scope and use) to the primary building.
  5. Roof signs, billboards and/or other off premise signs are not permitted.
  6. The sides and tops of canopies cannot be illuminated or include additional signage.
  7. Lighting must be directed downwards to reduce excessive glare and light pollution.
  8. All mechanical equipment, whether on the ground or rooftop, excluding small scale alternative energy systems, shall be screened from all public rights-of-way.
  9. The display and/or sale of vehicles (excluding scooters, bicycles and other non-motorized craft) requires a street edge treatment at the public right-of-way as described in Section 38-208(1). The following shall be screened from view from all public rights-of-way: the outdoor storage of equipment and products, other apparatus related to vehicular sales and/or repairs; and loading and parking areas for large, heavy-use vehicles, dump trucks, repair vans and/or fleets.
  10. Garage doors and loading docks shall not front or be visible from the primary street.