About Us

Anand Martin Foundation

Anand- Martin Foundation Inc. (AMF) was founded by Sushan and his wife Cathy Anand,daughter of D.C. Martin, a World War II veteran. The foundation is a 501(c)(3), not-for- profit organization and it aims to provide affordable housing to homeless veteran and at-risk citizens of the Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Through its Chattanooga Community Development Project, the foundation aims to alleviate poverty and to build a healthy and stable community through financial empowerment of its less privileged members. It plans to achieve this by developing affordable housing for individuals that Nation Network Resource classifies as “hard to employ” and “hard to house”: elderly, homeless, minorities including African-Americans, veterans, unemployed and widows. In doing so, the foundation shares the state’s vision of giving more opportunities to the current residents to own homes, and of preparing the next generation of homeowners.

Our Mission

Anand- Martin Foundation-Chattanooga Community Development Project ’ s mission is to increase housing opportunities, to reduce blight and to support city’s efforts to financially empower individuals and families with low to moderate income by providing affordable houses.

Our Approach

Our expert team is dedicated to the cause of community development. Our approach centers on the deep understanding of the psychological and financial needs of low- income groups as well as our in- depth knowledge of local real estate market. We are committed to provide high quality, personalized service rooted in integrity knowledge and professionalism.